Sliding down from the mirthful zone of life!

You know the time has come when I’m seeing the things getting changed!! When the frown of frivolity and carefree teenage is getting somewhere lost in practicality of the world..!! I’m feeling as if the sand is just sliding down from my fist and its definite to leave even if I  try to cement it in the deep creases of my palm anyhow…!!! Strange isn’t it??
Its tough to accept this transformation which life brings when it pulls you on the cross road where you hate to be leaving behind the embellished castle of innocence which can’t be displaced by any happiness of the globe..and creating a new world of your own with a designated identity of yours in it..it feels as if a perfect movie of my fascinating dreams was going on and suddenly I came to know that it was really a dream..an illusion the bubble of which whilst being true bursts at its maturity..you can’t hold onto this bubble for your entire life..its like a protective cover for the cocoon but the fact is that your life isn’t successful until you become a butterfly …to haunt around the sky with your wings open..to let the cool breeze kiss every bit of yours and sketch your life’s destiny on the most enlarged canvas of the world which is the blue ocean of white cushions right above my head!
You know you can’t predict at all what life has planned for you..you don’t know whether you’ll be adored by people in the most beautiful garden or just caught by the bird catcher crushing your identity…even the one who is most lovable whose name was always on the top of your call logs can become a mere phone contact and the one whom you never expected to be a part of your life can become a stunning diamond to your crown..!! All you can do is absorb the changes life serves to you because it has dreamt to make you what you can’t ever dream of!! Just keep moving on exploring life’s treasures and sprinkling your attractive charm all around and it will keep cuddled in its warmth!!



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