Reminiscing heart overtakers!!

​At this point standing on the bank of my life if I  throw a stone in the puddle of the memory lane there comes a splash of memories which I rejoice to be a part of!

Can’t I propose the minute hand and ask it to be mine forever and just be with me! Can’t I ask the time to just stop at the very moment so that I can adorn it till my soul gets repleted! Those moments which are so special which are responsible for adding beauty to my character and making my life a living adorable drama…

Those moments which brought the deepest curves to my lips , their irrevocability now is responsible for moisturizing my eye lashes…!!!

It feels great to know that people actually value your time and don’t want it to be ruined just for the sake of leisure…

Its tough to accept the absence and move ahead but the irony of this story is that I need to , to nail my identity , to keep your words and my place…just the only thing I expect is to get my sand house back when I retrieve to the beach, I hope the tussle of storm and water does not flows it away….!!!



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