Its all abt you!😘

​Sometimes happy sometimes worried,terrified ,nervous ,sometimes angry ,horrified ,glaring …my heart is the blend of the infinite emotions which continuously keep on ruffling and shuffling in me. I seldom think why I’m so ??? Why these continuously varying feelings of mine become the definition regarding me which people carry??Why inspite of knowing the fact that the society won’t stand by me during my bad times I take the norms of it into consideration in my good times??Why do people treat me according to their changing moods and not always according to the relation I’ve with them?? True Relationships do not fluctuate from its axis of emotions according to the changing seasons…Why at a moment I give so much importance to a person who on the next click of the clock doubt’s at me for not being genuine?? I’m happy in my life …I’m happy for I’ve myself …because I’ll be alz there for me till the last edge of my story …I want this story to make a mark in this world so that people might know “THAT I’M ME !! JUST ME!!” …But now comes the irony of my life..my heart!

Its just of 5 inches and it controls the life of a girl of 5 feet 5 inches!!How???Why??

My heart is an ocean  which is never at rest .Every morning a new ray of hope shines through it .I just want to hold this shine in my fist and be firm to frame my life with a smile ..

For me I want my loved ones with me..they who understand me …they who correct me …they who work on me to furnish my soul..they who don’t hold conceptions regarding me based on a vicissitude …they who cheer me and they who are a mirror to me. BUT….my heart has now moulded me in the way where I’ll myself initiate to make these relations instead of cursing the fate.I’ll make these relations stand for life ,”Come what may” and never let it go because of some unworthy thoughts  …because its my life …my choice..my relations.. my success ..my failure …my emotions…ITS ALL ABOUT ME!! AND I KNOW ITS JUST ME WHO’S ME !!I know that I can and I will!




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