A broken friendship!!

There was time when everything seemed like a fairytale..

We were just perfect and there was no reason for our bond to fail..

It felt as if the world might reside in hell because we were together..

Who were enough to be another’s shoulder in each devastating weather..

Each second of unmet days seemed restless..

We had the courage to slam each other whenever one created mess..

We were proud of us and our friendship in which zillions of people came in between..

We acted smart to throw them off without thinking what result it would have been..

That insecurity to loose you everyday ate a part of mine..

You were the one to whom I was badly addicted , you being my sweet wine..

We fought as if it was the end at the very moment..

Then came the role of the appeasing apologies to be sent..

We cried for each other every time we missed..

We may stay together the way we were that’s all I wished..

The endless memories we had woven always either sprinkle my cheeks with tears or paint them pink..

Words were not required to narrate the heart’s state as it was all done with a wink..

We ended up roaring at the never ending late night talks..

It had a sweet essence of love and care which today stays lost somewhere in the heart locks..

Even if  the situation might be worst for  us..

A tight hug which cuddled in infinite emotions was the aid to pull us out of the fuss..

Everything was picture perfect and the love was seemless until there came a twist..

This was the time when the sand swept away from the fist..

There came many cracks which we even tried to fix..

But the cracks were so wide that the comfort remained no where but only in our pics..

The friendship which was admired so much, of which people gave example..

Now has no name and togetherness just differences which unfortunately is ample..

You were the storehouse of my secrets and you knew what actually I’m and not the one I acted to be..

But things now remain unsaid and demand for a best friend who does not exist now wherever I see..

Things went wrong, ego and misunderstands slipped in..

We started being agreesive and feeling all efforts made to be a great sin..

We stand today on to different shores where there’s nothing to say still a lot to be said..

All I can say is its all on us to built a bridge and cross over or let the friendship go dead!!




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