Really I’ve realized that its all about what you ponder you weave on the canvas…its all about your imagination which is like a bubble in reality but which surrounds your life around it…!!!

We tend to hold conceptions and set ideologies based on this imagination which has no existence in this world..which even does not hold any confirmation to be a part of the future…!! We tie our emotions, expections, endeavours around it n get swayed in the virtual world which then dominates the present reality leading to its deterioration…

But what can we do? Because leaving emotions aside is quite difficult..leaving expectations aside is quite difficult..!! 

What is in our hand is to make our brain focus on its owner and not on the million number of neighbors who have no significance in our life…let’s take a lead to rectify this fault because I don’t want to waste my time sitting and speculating about the shit which has no existence but which has the audacity to challenge and ruin my existence…!!!!

The rainbow has seven colors whose combination together reflects a glaring beam of light..let’s not get stick with a particular segment of the rainbow and lessen the effectual gleam of the white ray..

Every chapter of life is important and has to be studied to be a merit holder in the life’s exam …but you need to carry a couple of things on your palm..one don’t revise a particular chapter several times because there is no chain in this life’s train which you can pull..once your station is missed its gone forever and two be smart while learning because you should know which chapter has the highest weightage and which the lowest to be a scintillator..!!!

                                 #life’s topper@cc!!


7 thoughts on “BE A MERITHOLDER IN LIFE’S EXAM!!😎”

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