Don’t compile the unwanted stuffs in your heart, you have dustbin for it!

​People are busy to make strategies to win their own races..to achieve targets and set priorities..in their way they tend to find many alluring stations..where their  miffed and bewildered heart gets pacified..they tend to find many people who are meant to be a part of their life sooner or later..but the tragic juncture is that as they leave and move ahead, they tend to drop some of the pearls found behind..its shattering!! Definitely it is!!

How can you just move ahead leaving behind the ones who were once a balm to you..the ones who always had lend their ears with loads of eagerness filled in their hearts to hear all the rants..which were treated meaningful and considered as important as taking a selfie when you look the sexiest!! Haha!!

I dont understand why human relations and the heart ties leave the imprints for long even when they are just a void now but still the presence which was once the brightest ray is so powerful tht it even has the temerity to pierce the heart into micro fragments…with each fragment encrypted with some story of past…

But now I think its high time!!

When its the time for me as well to board my train and move forth..Its going to be damn tough obviously its like pricking off the spine which was once inhibited in the form of an endearing dainty diamond but transformed into the latter because of venomous nectar..!!

So its the time to leave the baggage of mireries behind which ain’t going to bear any fruits..Alas hopeless!!

Its the time to be firm!! Now no looking back and reminiscing over the past…be your own potter and set the limits to its deepest curves which only you can touch and behold!!…

Calculate the EMOTIONS, EFFORTS and ENERGY which you have wasted on someone undeserving and spend the double of this E3 on yourself..

Prove yourself to be that sun which isn’t visible on a cloudy day still no one can challenge its presence!!



20 thoughts on “Don’t compile the unwanted stuffs in your heart, you have dustbin for it!”

  1. As I had promised to leave a feedback, here it goes. Firstly, I like your theme (Layout of your site) , however I noticed you have placeholder texts, which you need to remove/edit by using the “Text Widget” section of your Theme Customizer. Secondly, get your About page written up, readers love to know about their authors and their perspectives. Thirdly, use categories for your posts, it helps you in staying organized and makes it easier for readers to know what they are looking for in your website. Next, do not use stock images(pictures which have watermarks), it makes the blog look unprofessional. Next, I believe that you shouldn’t use bold for your whole content, use them for phrases which needs emphasis and which according to you should cry out for attention from the readers. Next, the content is good, I agree with your facts, I would recommend you to glide through your vocabulary to come up with better substitute words as it makes the readers more intrigued and keeps them more interested and hyped up to read your posts. Lastly do always keep writing with the same enthusiasm and always believe in the saying “Write to express not impress” and keep inspiring others. I will be right around the corner to read more of your works and provide feedback or help if you need it. And thanks again for checking my page out. Cheers! 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much for the review..😄 I’ll surely keep it in mind while framing the forth coming write ups..
      Your suggestions will definitely improve my flair for writing…you are always welcome with your reviews..Thanks for reading!🙂

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      1. Go to your website and look in the Menu you’ll find the option which leads to your “About” page, where you can find an option which either says “Customize” or “Edit” and you can get your about page written as per you want it. Or you can open your Theme Customizer and go to the option that says “Menus” where you’ll find one of the Menus saying “about” which you can open to edit. I hope this helped 🙂

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