Dominant glamorous lust!

 I think its the human greed and our tendency to be never satiated with what life pours in our basket! We still look at the hive with resentful and ungratified eyes for the honey that due to some mismatch of the stars didn’t fall in our bucket!!

We make calculations to achieve targets but while running in the race we forget why did we start and then just are left with the title of  being the most specialized species on this earth! HOMO SAPIENS...If I take my case into consideration and introspect then I realize that its just the blow which clings to me with time to prove my eminent existence which condenses me according to the world expectations (which is illusive and cloddish)… Continuing this we seldom forget what we actually desire for and turn out to weave a complete different story which the world appreciates but may or may not contend our own call for life..we frown to be worthy at heart because our own story keeps pace just by seeing the glamour around and not the happiness which we desire for in the tiniest speck…!!!

Its important for the autumn to enroll to have a scenic nature when spring comes…even though it isn’t liked and admired, it maintains the effectual gleam similarly its important for us to keep up our stand for life if its genuinely worth…let the world then growl at the loudest!!😂



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