Value your stars, your relations!💛

In the desire to catch the moon, many stars were left behind!💫

​Every single entity in the present cosmos has some or the other plans made up, in which they anticipate to design their future. Wow! Isn’t it?? We are so well organized now…Everything is planned beforehand. Best qualification! Best colleges! Best packages! Best working city…..and what about the relations which were dropped cavalierly in beating all these notches…what about the bonds which were once encompassed with the promise to always behold?
Today when we are running frantically, it has become inevitable to stop and excogitate the value of the pearls which are going to be awarded (fortunately)  at the cost of treasured diamonds which dropped off our pockets due to the overload of new artificial artefacts somewhere on the race track …
In the race to fetch the moon and entangle it to the bun why are we not considering the value of the numerous stars sheening on every single hair strand which we have sacrificed??


There was a time when two cousins were inseparable…the only argufy which could intervene was whether to watch Cinderella or Snow white….There was a time when two friends had so much love snuggled in that the little hands even had the venturous strength to slam any wild storm which dared to surround the other! They cried when the other took off the tiffin and ate it but still made it up till the next period…

The absence of one was like sound waves passing through vacuum…a complete void!. Even if they always teased one another but they comprehended a spirit to cheer themselves at the end…

But now the irony is that the posts of “BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER” are seen only in Facebook tags!

There has come a 360° revolution where we have become so fanatic to get the moon that we have no single thought about the gleaming stars which once hung down the earlobes entwined in the strings of innocence… Just think what will the moon mean if won’t have anyone by your side to admire its magical spell.What is the use if you aren’t having anyone to narrate your success stories and raising the toast with…with whom will you clink your glass of Champagne???
There was a time when katti could be mend with dosti but my dear it’s not that easy now…its not easy as ABC but its as tough as KBC !! Haha!! Now its like once a difference comes up it will polish off everything…don’t allow it to germinate from any seedling of your garden or else all the budding saplings would be muffed! 
Now relations have become like a flower which is definitely picturesque from a distance but has no nectar for the butterfly to buzz around and suck…that butterfly symbolizes the love and comfort which once existed transmuted now into formality…Just think what is the difference left between personal and professional life because we have formalized everything, everywhere!
BUT above all trust me there is still a chance to catch your train at the next station. Go and haunt around for your stars they are on the very place you left them…just hold them once and you will experience your sheeny eyes which will then enhance the enchanting countenance of your moon.


    In times of hardships when there will be no moon on the new moon day, the stars will still be there to cheer up and maintain the decorum of your black sea! Value them..




10 thoughts on “In the desire to catch the moon, many stars were left behind!💫”

  1. This is just WOW! And very true.
    And the problem is that we have come so from from those stars in our futile attempt to reach moon, that going back is difficult.
    Very well written Charul. Love you girl. Keep writing this way. 😘

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  2. There are quite a few grammatical and spelling errors . Do copy and paste the content on Word and you’ll know what were the mistakes and you’ll be able to rectify . For example , it would be “best qualifications… best working city” which you’ve written as “beat”

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