Ahh!! The first rain…🌧🌫

​It was a tiring day  full of bewildered fall outs…some were merrymaking …some disappointing …some enchanting …some explorable…some factual and some feasible.
I just wanted to switch the lights off , draw my white sheet,  get snuggled in it and  doze off boarding my day’s flight to my captivating fantasy dreamland….and then something happened which rubbed off all my forehead strains and sketched a masterpiece on my soul of a new hope and exuberated it to find exhilaration in the torment which my body was enduring, which was so agonizing like I felt my body being dowsed in stifling and boiling water. 

Do you know what it was? Oh dear! I’m talking about the first rain…today the sky released all the stress and load which it was carrying since long and which had even brought dark circles to the bellied clouds…it cried off today so cheerily that the nature also evinced its exult…the leaves danced on the melodious tip-tip, which was no less than a miniature of a peacock in the soothing rain!


The flowers glistened when they put on their dew diamond earrings. I noticed a bizarre that even rain plays boisterously when it slides down the Asoka leaf…the chirping of birds also had some extra honeyed effect which reeked of their season to live and let live!. Which was the alarm for their eternal love to begin with every heart being embroiled in this deep love chasm!
Today mother earth had her own trance when she kissed the rain which was the soggy love letter by her amicable lover, the king of sky…CLOUDS! The angelic rain is the reason for keeping their affection alive till today which shows the effectuality of long distance relationships being fruitful.

The rain seduced the earth and then the aroma of the misty mud was above any branded perfume! That fragrance carries the message of love to every heart yearning for it, quenching it’s thirst.



The sun is facilitated today as the sky has served it with the most refreshing drink! 

The sky pulled off its dark visage and had put on the seven striped clip on its head. Now its the time to get paper boats back to work.


Adoring this magical hypnotizing spell of the rain here I’m taking heed to the most placating music of the nature, the drizzles, sitting on the waterlogged grass blades and inditing about its serene beauty!




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