Be smart enough to live a real life in this virtual world!

Hundreds of blossoms in the garden yet my heart falls for the one tulip!🌷

​Sometimes I think how strange is it, at one end all this social networking thing says that it is effacing all the differences due to geographical boundaries between people and on the other end people are committing suicide due to seclusion. On the present day we have a long list of  Facebook friends…a long queue of Instagram followers but at 3 A.M when you are alone having a battle with your inner voices when actually you need someone to discover a blazing sparkle out of the dark, gloomy and dejecting dungeon whom do you have? Why what’s the problem dear? In the evening itself you were bragging about your long list of fb friends!! Where did they go??




In class one it was taught that earth is round, may be we have taken it quite seriously as today our world is just barred in a small circle! We don’t wish to step out in the sun and explore real things rather we are happy today in the virtual world where everything seems to be quite glamorous and doting!

Seeing the world something knocks my brain…am I different because I don’t prefer living life the way they do because they savour taking pictures with the entire garden and I simply desire to wonder about the enchanting beauty of my tulip? Will this attitude of being genuine and speaking real leave me alone in the desert under the scorched sun having a view of the world relishing at the mirage which although is illusive still pleasurable for an ephemeral.
I know that I’m different because I encompass the ability to carve my future. I know what I’m meant to be and what is my contribution towards the world meant to be! 

I don’t understand why people are getting  virtual with the virtual technology around them. They post long messages for Mother’s day but how many actually even go and embrace their mothers? It has become our attitude to flatter around just for the sake of the praises which we get . In reality those extolments are hollow and don’t hold any effectuality. 

Gradually we get trapped in this trench and start pondering to adorn this virtual world of ours! I’m happy that I don’t comprehend so many people in my world! I’m happy that my garden has a few flowers!. At least those are real and I value them because they embellish my small garden of life. 

Although I cherish that I have many flowers in my garden which give me a picturesque serene view still when I wish to spend some time talking to the flowers about my story, my feet automatically leads to the small bunch of tulips in the corner of the garden.

 This is because when I’m with them I’m real. Every petal of that tulip is a colourful pallet of my heart which reads my dreams and aspirations! 

Those tulips of our life add a ribbon of meaning to it. Although they are less in number but still enough to drench our desiccated soul. 

When you put your hands in the river trying to discover the pearls 

….only some get the gleam of the Pearl’s shine while others just end up with infinite white marbles!!
Those marbles although seem charming today but they may even hit your head one day, gifting you with a beautiful red bump but that single pearl is enough to glisten your life….Those number of flowers although deliver a magical spell but in the autumn of your life you will only have the tulips! 

Wake up before the autumn makes it’s entry! Go and fetch some florid tulip seeds and sow them in your garden or else you will be left with a barren land full of thorny bushes!



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