The strongest is one scarred the most! Hence value your scars.

Sometimes you need to keep the wounds open, to get it cured till the deepest chasm!๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚

You know the journey of life is the most complex and enigmatic game if one wishes to embark thrilling adventures with a tinge of success added to it. 
Every time before we begin to play some video game we tend to look into the rules  and set strategies to make it out till the end but its not that easy right? Merely mugging up the theoretical part does not elucidate all the perplexities which we might undergo because as we move ahead in the game there will come many obstacles about which we won’t be knowing the trick to cross over. Then how can we reckon that we will easily cross over the life’s game with the mind set with which we have begun?
Similarly life presents us with many ambiguous surprises regarding which we would have had no hunch, it may seem as a cherry but can even be a chilly garnished exquisitely to your life’s cake!

Then what? After licking the chilly will you stop and give up all the desires about which you have been fantasizing since ever! NO DEFINITELY NEVER!! 

It was our wish to raise the red flag, get the trigger off and start over the journey and therefore no damn devil should have the audacity to defeat us! Even if it perceives all the strength to bring you down and crush you till the finest remnants, show them that you’ve not brought up your black ace yet! Show them that you behold the skill to carve the most dainty masterpiece with the remnants presented to you.
We humans are considered the most sensible creations because we have the will to play with every impossible thing cleverly and beat them off in their own game! 
What makes us do this? Our wounds!

We suppose that always acting smart and to explicit the cheered part of ours will keep us focused on our track but its not true. Doctors prescribe to keep the wounds open for a while because rather than using any antiseptic, time can cure it better!
Don’t pile up your emotions, let them go off…they are defined by us! Don’t give them the supreme authority to play with your life because for you anything which obstructs you in achieving the goal is a hurdle…be it your emotions!
Storing water above the limit in a dam  is not possible as after the point of tension the entire dam will burst off giving a way for the water to flow….Don’t allow this situation to come for your wounds! 

Keep them open and don’t allow them to get nauseated in your heart or else one day the outburst will be so devastating that it will wreck your soul into tiny stars, leaving your sky gloomy as a reflection of your dejected soul!
Your scars may seem to be an evil spirit hovering over your life because they continuously trap your soul leaving it desolated! Make them your greatest possessions because they will always cement your soul to face all probs….even the moon has some scars on it but every night it comes up gleaming in the night sky to spread its eternal love for the stars, sprinkling the globe with the stardust!

Your scars are your greatest treasures because we see people having an argufy for the legacy but no one will ever come to snatch away your scars, they will always be an artful artefact in your gallery! Bring them out before they get demonetized!

Your scars arenโ€™t a mark on your soul, rather they are an eraser for your heart to cleanse your soul from the fear of getting scarred again! Kiss them and embrace them…they beautify you!   




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