Lets get to work..life demands a change!

Life’s leaking- time for renovation!!

Many times I reckon what the life’s race has transmuted in me…my attitude and my perspectives! But today the kink is a bit whimsical. I can’t curb the world or prevent it from me but I can definitely surpass myself! Then why do I allow myself to commit such sinful deeds which at the end of the day leave me scattered into sherds, looking into which I tend to hate my true self!!
This is definitely not me!! A girl who is so cocksure and surefooted, who believes in perceiving the talent to change the elevation of the entire world, why does she gets vagarious at instances that the sensible sand slides off the fist!! Ruining her relations, her image and her life’s frame.
Sometimes genuinely we don’t have a dark heart but willingly or unwillingly our impulsive actions prove to be fatal which is enough to vandalize our entire victories throughout! 
This disappointment pricks my heart when the nail I’ve used, pierces the soul of my loved ones! It hurts more when I’m feeling guilty even to face myself and the guilt then rolls down the chin drop by drop!
Eventually I covet to get back that one moment when my senses went off duty…that one moment which was so devastating that it left all the guffaws and charming smiles of the day collected behind in the race and won the race, becoming the misery king!!
It feels that patiently with a bucket full of determination I was constructing my castle of cards and suddenly I don’t know which negative thought came for a sojourn to me and I smacked off the castle just when I was about to nail my flag on the top!!
In life many times the index finger showers plentiful allegations at the world. Its time to give a 180° rotation to that finger. Before digging up the loopholes in the world its important to polish our own furniture .

We shouldn’t get so diligent to pluck the weeds of other’s garden that our own garden turns out to be a graveyard, where we’ll be the first one’s to lie down!!
Earth rotates a complete circle everyday and brings us back on the starting point daily so that we can make up our own races triple-crowned learning from the past hurdles. Its time to bring some changes in our construction. It is demanding for renovation as the walls now have become humdrum and desiccated! Its leaking all around of grievances.
Let’s pick up the paint bucket, dowse the brush of hope in it and colour the walls with the bewitching smiles again. It won’t be a hands-down task as the paint will take time to dry up but at the end you will find your life loitering about vibrantly!!

The renovation will take time as you will get only one labour to get the work done- YOU!!


    2 thoughts on “Life’s leaking- time for renovation!!”

    1. So good!
      Sometimes we don’t even realize and end up doing something which is so against our nature, our personality. And that one thing pricks so hard each time we remember it. So relatable!
      You have a heart of gold girl. Things happen. That’s how we grow. ❤

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