Life presents many gifts but sometimes just for display!

Oh! I want that lolly…!🍭

​Have you ever been in a situation when the most alluring thing of your life is too close yet its beyond the horizon to achieve ??!!
It happens seldom that the situation is so whimsical that the brain gives up on chanting and we continuously keep on pinging it because the infinite butterflies in the stomach are having a tussle going on among them! 

We try to solve this jigsaw puzzle and put the pieces together in order to satiate our excitement in life but unfortunately the shackles of dos and don’ts preclude us from doing so!! It becomes disappointing at instances but then I feel that getting the thirst quenched every time whenever we have a lust for it will trim down its worth!
Childhood was just so uncomplicated! Whenever our dewy-eyed sight caught the lollies we used to immediately get it but now its not that cushy! Many times even after planning everything things might not go our way, its like even if you’ve erected the most splendiferous sand castle at the beach of your life, it might shatter off at the next second if the waves come to hug! 

Be it a child or an adult but for a moment definitely the heart feels collapsed when the lolly or the most enticing thing in life moves away! It feels that you are standing at the shop of happiness and the chocolate is right in front of you but you don’t have the pennies to get it!! Alas!!
Don’t be disheartened! It rains every year and your farms will definitely grow green, its never the last time! The titan sun moves down the silver line daily giving up on its identity for the ocean and comes up again the next morning to make the ocean a crystalline glass for the world to reflect in!

Don’t loose your hope because the waves always don’t come to demolish your castle! Someday they will even bring the starfish with it to crown your castle!! 

Till then keep the excitement up! And develop the most dainty blooms in your stomach for the butterflies to buzz around! After all they are responsible for the adrenaline gush every time!!


That’s life!!




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