We need someone to stand by us when the whole world is against!

Because you can’t hold your own hand to walk along side by side for life!👫👭

Hey! Yeah I’m taking to you…you are so strong isn’t it? Why? Don’t you portray so this way…yes we do!

Have you been mocked at some point in your life that you ended up covering your tears with a tissue but still you stretched your lip curves to show that oh come on I don’t give a damn dude!

It happens with me! And you know that feeling is just inexplicable! It feels as if I’m standing alone amongst a myriad crowd of people who are experts at being derisive towards me and pressing my weak nerves! Why my smile is considered to be my weakness at that instance? It feels as if I’m striving hard to breathe. All the despondence and dejections come to smash off my confidence! It feels so lonely as if I’m moving about the streets alone in search of companionship!
We are sure that we won’t break down at that moment but the inner conscience pierces the soul and those scratches can’t be healed easily if those become in depth!

We just expect a single voice in the crowd at the eleventh hour to just hold a firm grip on the shoulder! That’s it! But it doesn’t happen!!
All of us make strategies for life and we make a list of all the prerequisites that we will need in our journey but we don’t add up that one person who will be able to carry the baggage of our emotions and unpack them with care and concern!
It feels as if the walls are coming from all the directions to crush us!
When the cyclone of dark clouds come to overshadow our life all the plans are out of the race because we really don’t understand how to handle ourselves at that moment!

We think that we will be able to make pace with our emotions and carry them in our hand bag for life but you know when the load gets pent up you won’t be able to carry it alone! You’ll need a collie to help you then…to get the weight off and help you continue your journey and reach the destination!

We bring our hands together and hold them tight…have you ever thought for what?
To get the snuggled feeling of warmth!

Now just think if both of your hands are injured or they are really cold then will you be able to manage? No! We need someone at that point to hold our hands tight, who comes to give warmth through his/her hand! That feeling will be enough to help you survive on the coolest peak because you know that with them even death will be enthralling! You’ll have someone to bid bye!
If you have someone like this please do value and just tell them the fragrance they add to your life’s garden!

Life is a long journey to travel..how beautiful it would be to have people with whom you can admire the beauty of all the flowers and thorns which cross by!


Let's learn to live the beauty of present!❤

And yes finally its sunday today!📆

After running continuously for a week without a break this day comes! Literally it comes after every six days but those six days are a complete parcel of all the savoury worldly stuff to tame down the melodies and make your tongue taste bitter even when it licks the favourite chocolate!

Then like typical Hindi daily soap an older version of mine beckons me in the mirror to tell that, “Hey! Charul you wanted the same thing a few days back then why is the fish swimming in the puddle?”

Well yes that’s a fact!

All of us wish to climb the next step and wave the flag of our dreams to tell the air that we have won over it. We wish to swim in sky’s ocean in the boat of our dreams which are the clouds! We wish to write our story on those white pages!

But the irony about human nature is that when you’ll actually be there among the clouds you’ll wish to walk on the land! We are living each day to make the next beautiful and when the time machine actually drives there we wish for yesterday!

Among all of this something is missing…TODAY! The heart dances on the beats of the lungs to keep us alive for the very second! It does not thinks of anything…. if it’ll continue dancing or get paralysed the next second!

Let’s make an effort! The next time you look down don’t think about the jubilations you had there rather just count on the swings which life has taken to push you where you are standing today!

One thing I can guarantee if today you value your present you’ll definitely meet your future of whom you’ve dreamt of and when you will open the doors of your heart ,life will be there on its knees proposing you to walk along forever! Then you’ll be the best thing which would have happened to life!

So next time when you cry over the weekdays just remember that you won’t get your Sunday if you try to murder your Monday!

Look down just to let your heart click a picture of you working hard to be on the top and just have a look at it whenever you feel that the present day is just a handicap!


Value the intensity of every emotion!

Life can’t be frozen as it seems in pictures!📸

Everyone please look here!! Now come on say cheeseeeee….and yup here comes the best picture of all of us!

So ironical isn’t it!

But it isn’t that easy. Life isn’t a picture rather its a movie, a reel directed with a hustle and bustle of all sorts of emotions and feelings!
All of us just want to make our lives happy and what would signify it? A constant smile pasted with a frown on the face!

The one person who does alot of effort to coat his emotions with a sugary deceitful smile is a joker but none of us value the painful scars which he comprehends! Although his soul is a deadly dark dungeon but no altar deciphers it!!

It might sound a bit sour but I believe life can’t always smile! Just imagine won’t the cheeks pain?
What I mean to say is that every moment need not go with pink blossoms, enchanting butterflies and crimson clouds with the sun peeping from behind all around but its important to make every moment meaningful! Whatever you do should be an effort like a speck of mud to erect a humongous tomb of happiness for the most precious moment of your life! Even if you want to whine make sure its actually meaningful or else chalk out which emotion is worth it!

Every emotion is equally important in life because you can’t fool yourself looking at the delusive smile in the picture! Emotions are like different ingredients some sour, sweet,salty, savoury and zesty to make a scrumptious dish called life!

You have to taste the salt of tears to know the sweetness when you lick your lip curves!



When the soul sobs all I crave for is a worthy listener!

Sometimes when the soul sobs.. I really don’t know what bothers.. It feels as if someone is gulping my pieces.. The scratches endured seems too agonising…It feels as if someone is scooping my soul… I just look for a friendly ear in the whole bedlam… Which could just listen to my rants and sufferings.. One who doesn’t judges me to be weak seeing my tears… I have been holding onto them since long.. The pressure now is ginormous and demands emanation… I hope to find a friend who would pay heed to me soon!

When emotions pent up to the greatest stature they are to be caressed with friendly hand before you get swayed away with its hurricane! #waiting@cc

Every breath says something! Pay heed to it..

Looking for the life boat to get out of this deep ocean!⛵

I was standing there on the sea shore over the golden grains with the curtains of the eyes off… The amorous air came to play its game.. It hugged me, kissed my forehead and ran its fingers on me which drained off all the strains of my forehead for a second… That relief is inexplicable… It seemed as if someone had suddenly pressed the F5 button of my soul to refresh it!.. That breath is one for which I crave every single step of the clock… That breath wasn’t just to keep me alive but to tell the soul that its still living… The warmth it had, cured all the wounds I have been embracing… The wounds which had clinched me so tightly that every step seemed as tough as carrying a mountain… The air was so enticing that I was hypnotized… And started following its footsteps… As I pinned the curtains of my eyes to adore the beauty of the air I saw its home… It lived under the horizon…Which wears a crimson cap… The only place where the sky caresses the ocean… The grip is so firm that whenever the horizon beholds the water the shine comes out like the gold embroidered thread… Somewhere in the middle of the ocean I lost the footsteps and fell into an enigma.. My heart collapsed for it wanted to breathe again… The wave of reality came over me and drowned every tinge… This made me realise that it was all an illusion!.. How can it be possible??… That means my dream to breathe free will never come true and the soul will die out of this suffocation… No! The wave which came upon me was a disciple of the horizon!.. It whispered the secret in my ear that in this deep ocean of life where you are struck with the water all around, which you think is drowning your life, even has the life boat hidden somewhere!.. You just need to look around to ride over it.. Or I should say ride over your life! The moment you understand that even if you don’t know to swim still there is something to get you out of this ocean… That very moment your life boat will be in front of you and every breath will be of warmth to the chilled soul! THAT WILL BE THE MOMENT WHEN THE WORLD WILL ADMIRE YOU FROM THE SHORE AND YOU’LL BE RULING YOUR LIFE BOAT! #Lifeboat@cc!

Life is a beautiful game and not a project!, Uncategorized

Dear people, stop running behind PS and try your hand on the game of life!🎲

As any other time I’m sitting awake to achieve my target and get it done. But you know today in this echoing silence of night the clicks of the clock are sounding like the clunks of the minute hand walking over the circular ramp which are ruling my brain jolting my aplomb! The question is, do I really know why am I awake? Am I awake to complete my assignment or to maintain my so called image or to satisfy the society or to satisfy myself? Any answer? The most simplest and sorry to say dumb answer which comes up is that all of us are struggling every single second of our lives to be successful! But I don’t agree to it!

Success is the bird which moves about the clouds boisterously slapping off the air with its robust tiny wings!

The bird might seem to be quite feeble to the worldly eyes but it has the discretion to give birth to its young ones on any cloud which is far beyond human imagination which just clings to the pink papers featuring Bapu!

The slew difference is that the bird doesn’t lives or flies to the greatest heights to get its name in the Guinness book but just to stay happy and feed its soul! Then what’s wrong with us?
Believe me half of the problems are just illusionary! The human brain pens wonders as well as disasters! Its all on us for what purpose we get it discounted!

Somewhere in the kettle of fish we have forgotten that after all its nothing but a game! Someone has to win and someone has to even kiss the sour bronze! Now its on us whether we just get into the enigma to emulate the bronze to the gold or add our diamond of happiness to it and make it worth admiring! The day you accept this game and learn to play it your own way, you’ll yourself mop off all the miseries and grievances!

Your life is a compass to measure the angle of your smile and not a scale to measure the load of your cheerless honey bottles!

Stop running behind the new versions of PlayStations and peep into your bag. You’ll get the most amazing and rattling game! You can write your own rules for it and you can be the hero of it at the same time!

Running behind success is an awful idea because then you are merely slaving yourself by being the pawn of someone else’s chess board! If you really want to dance over the clock clicks at the dead of night then you can definitely go ahead but remember that you are the king of your chess board!

The child in you is on ventilator today! Let him breathe because only he knows to play games. The day he dies you’ll be left only with your mature degrees which has no use in this game!

To cross over the bridge of difficulties and to reach out to the treasure you’ll have to learn the intricacies of this game and you’ll see yourself crowned with gold!

Pause for once to live your breath!❤

I wish I had a pause button!⏪⏸⏩

People all around the world consider that the destructive world wars are the most demolishing human acts but I probably don’t agree with it. In the race of life today I feel that may be in the desire to achieve my targets and stand crowned on the on the hill’s nose I’ve lost the most harum-scarum and nonchalant piece of my heart.
It is the situation when I’m merely running every second but if I stop for a second to introspect I genuinely don’t know the end line, I even don’t know whether I belong to this race or not?..

Then why am I struggling for something which won’t frame my life with the deepest lip curve rather the aftermath would be a volcanic eruption with my heart and soul getting vandalized in the form if lava! That fervent and blistering lava symbolizes the frustration, rage, enmity and the umpteenth thoughts I’m giving birth every second!
Just for once stop your running feet and your heart’s tape recorder, give rest to your thoughts which have become so deep and continuous that they are eating a part of your soul every now and then. Just for once pause to feel your heart dancing, pause to know yourself, pause to decipher the ravishing art of your soul!

Remove the masquerade of happiness which you’ve been carrying to blandish the world and just for once pause to please yourself. We often make excuses that we are stuck in the mundane chores but the reality is we aren’t! Because we are busy perplexing ourselves. Pause for once and ask yourself when was the last time that your cheeks ached when you burst out laughing..if you don’t remember there’s something definitely wrong! The one thing for which everyone is working on this earth, ‘happiness’ if you don’t remember about that you are seriously stuck in the kettle of fish! What is the use of running in the life if you yourself are it’s Murderers!
Pause for once to catch a glimpse of the most soothing sunrise, let the first ray calm your soul and kiss it with all the affection! Pause for once to feel the pain of the clouds which comes down in the form of silver pearls…release your pain the same way because carrying it for long will just nauseate you, pause for once to adore the birds chirping amorously…to soar up high in the sky your wings should be strong and sturdy and this is possible only if you let the wings breathe in the open air, STOP CAGGING THEM! Don’t bind them with the world’s notions.

You aren’t suppose to fly the same way and in the same direction as prescribed by the world because not every star has the same gleam!

Just for once stand under the open sky and let your soul bounce over the white cotton candies above! If in doing so you miss your targets so please don’t worry because what matters at the end is a peaceful sleep!

When you look at a photograph and the smile caged in it, life takes a hold for a second and you relive that happiness. This obviously shows that there’s nothing wrong in pausing and retrospecting!

We believe that to be successful life has to be gone through over the red carpet of thorns but I think what matters is your smile and if it comes in being easy, there’s nothing wrong with it!