Don’t compile the unwanted stuffs in your heart, you have dustbin for it!

​People are busy to make strategies to win their own achieve targets and set their way they tend to find many alluring stations..where their  miffed and bewildered heart gets pacified..they tend to find many people who are meant to be a part of their life sooner or later..but the tragic juncture is that as they leave and move ahead, they tend to drop some of the pearls found behind..its shattering!! Definitely it is!!

How can you just move ahead leaving behind the ones who were once a balm to you..the ones who always had lend their ears with loads of eagerness filled in their hearts to hear all the rants..which were treated meaningful and considered as important as taking a selfie when you look the sexiest!! Haha!!

I dont understand why human relations and the heart ties leave the imprints for long even when they are just a void now but still the presence which was once the brightest ray is so powerful tht it even has the temerity to pierce the heart into micro fragments…with each fragment encrypted with some story of past…

But now I think its high time!!

When its the time for me as well to board my train and move forth..Its going to be damn tough obviously its like pricking off the spine which was once inhibited in the form of an endearing dainty diamond but transformed into the latter because of venomous nectar..!!

So its the time to leave the baggage of mireries behind which ain’t going to bear any fruits..Alas hopeless!!

Its the time to be firm!! Now no looking back and reminiscing over the past…be your own potter and set the limits to its deepest curves which only you can touch and behold!!…

Calculate the EMOTIONS, EFFORTS and ENERGY which you have wasted on someone undeserving and spend the double of this E3 on yourself..

Prove yourself to be that sun which isn’t visible on a cloudy day still no one can challenge its presence!!



Vague emotions…😂

​Ummm… actually at this point the pacific ocean in me is all set with its agility with the perplexed feelings moving up and down and I’m just blushing and blushing because of that …its something very different ,it feels like even  blossoms are smiling with the curves till the ear lobes…am I becoming a poetess??!!! Oh God !!! Today I have a lot many feelings to paint my canvas but I’m not getting the brush..there’s a tussle going on between my heart and mind and the poor me is being getting grinded in between….okay let’s figure out something let’s try to find the way out of the mysterious dungeon…and reach up somewhere where the wind does not tickles me and I again start reminiscing the untold undefined stories….

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Really I’ve realized that its all about what you ponder you weave on the canvas…its all about your imagination which is like a bubble in reality but which surrounds your life around it…!!!

We tend to hold conceptions and set ideologies based on this imagination which has no existence in this world..which even does not hold any confirmation to be a part of the future…!! We tie our emotions, expections, endeavours around it n get swayed in the virtual world which then dominates the present reality leading to its deterioration…

But what can we do? Because leaving emotions aside is quite difficult..leaving expectations aside is quite difficult..!! 

What is in our hand is to make our brain focus on its owner and not on the million number of neighbors who have no significance in our life…let’s take a lead to rectify this fault because I don’t want to waste my time sitting and speculating about the shit which has no existence but which has the audacity to challenge and ruin my existence…!!!!

The rainbow has seven colors whose combination together reflects a glaring beam of light..let’s not get stick with a particular segment of the rainbow and lessen the effectual gleam of the white ray..

Every chapter of life is important and has to be studied to be a merit holder in the life’s exam …but you need to carry a couple of things on your don’t revise a particular chapter several times because there is no chain in this life’s train which you can pull..once your station is missed its gone forever and two be smart while learning because you should know which chapter has the highest weightage and which the lowest to be a scintillator..!!!

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A broken friendship!!

There was time when everything seemed like a fairytale..

We were just perfect and there was no reason for our bond to fail..

It felt as if the world might reside in hell because we were together..

Who were enough to be another’s shoulder in each devastating weather..

Each second of unmet days seemed restless..

We had the courage to slam each other whenever one created mess..

We were proud of us and our friendship in which zillions of people came in between..

We acted smart to throw them off without thinking what result it would have been..

That insecurity to loose you everyday ate a part of mine..

You were the one to whom I was badly addicted , you being my sweet wine..

We fought as if it was the end at the very moment..

Then came the role of the appeasing apologies to be sent..

We cried for each other every time we missed..

We may stay together the way we were that’s all I wished..

The endless memories we had woven always either sprinkle my cheeks with tears or paint them pink..

Words were not required to narrate the heart’s state as it was all done with a wink..

We ended up roaring at the never ending late night talks..

It had a sweet essence of love and care which today stays lost somewhere in the heart locks..

Even if  the situation might be worst for  us..

A tight hug which cuddled in infinite emotions was the aid to pull us out of the fuss..

Everything was picture perfect and the love was seemless until there came a twist..

This was the time when the sand swept away from the fist..

There came many cracks which we even tried to fix..

But the cracks were so wide that the comfort remained no where but only in our pics..

The friendship which was admired so much, of which people gave example..

Now has no name and togetherness just differences which unfortunately is ample..

You were the storehouse of my secrets and you knew what actually I’m and not the one I acted to be..

But things now remain unsaid and demand for a best friend who does not exist now wherever I see..

Things went wrong, ego and misunderstands slipped in..

We started being agreesive and feeling all efforts made to be a great sin..

We stand today on to different shores where there’s nothing to say still a lot to be said..

All I can say is its all on us to built a bridge and cross over or let the friendship go dead!!



Its all abt you!😘

​Sometimes happy sometimes worried,terrified ,nervous ,sometimes angry ,horrified ,glaring …my heart is the blend of the infinite emotions which continuously keep on ruffling and shuffling in me. I seldom think why I’m so ??? Why these continuously varying feelings of mine become the definition regarding me which people carry??Why inspite of knowing the fact that the society won’t stand by me during my bad times I take the norms of it into consideration in my good times??Why do people treat me according to their changing moods and not always according to the relation I’ve with them?? True Relationships do not fluctuate from its axis of emotions according to the changing seasons…Why at a moment I give so much importance to a person who on the next click of the clock doubt’s at me for not being genuine?? I’m happy in my life …I’m happy for I’ve myself …because I’ll be alz there for me till the last edge of my story …I want this story to make a mark in this world so that people might know “THAT I’M ME !! JUST ME!!” …But now comes the irony of my heart!

Its just of 5 inches and it controls the life of a girl of 5 feet 5 inches!!How???Why??

My heart is an ocean  which is never at rest .Every morning a new ray of hope shines through it .I just want to hold this shine in my fist and be firm to frame my life with a smile ..

For me I want my loved ones with me..they who understand me …they who correct me …they who work on me to furnish my soul..they who don’t hold conceptions regarding me based on a vicissitude …they who cheer me and they who are a mirror to me. BUT….my heart has now moulded me in the way where I’ll myself initiate to make these relations instead of cursing the fate.I’ll make these relations stand for life ,”Come what may” and never let it go because of some unworthy thoughts  …because its my life …my relations.. my success failure …my emotions…ITS ALL ABOUT ME!! AND I KNOW ITS JUST ME WHO’S ME !!I know that I can and I will!



Reminiscing heart overtakers!!

​At this point standing on the bank of my life if I  throw a stone in the puddle of the memory lane there comes a splash of memories which I rejoice to be a part of!

Can’t I propose the minute hand and ask it to be mine forever and just be with me! Can’t I ask the time to just stop at the very moment so that I can adorn it till my soul gets repleted! Those moments which are so special which are responsible for adding beauty to my character and making my life a living adorable drama…

Those moments which brought the deepest curves to my lips , their irrevocability now is responsible for moisturizing my eye lashes…!!!

It feels great to know that people actually value your time and don’t want it to be ruined just for the sake of leisure…

Its tough to accept the absence and move ahead but the irony of this story is that I need to , to nail my identity , to keep your words and my place…just the only thing I expect is to get my sand house back when I retrieve to the beach, I hope the tussle of storm and water does not flows it away….!!!


Sliding down from the mirthful zone of life!

You know the time has come when I’m seeing the things getting changed!! When the frown of frivolity and carefree teenage is getting somewhere lost in practicality of the world..!! I’m feeling as if the sand is just sliding down from my fist and its definite to leave even if I  try to cement it in the deep creases of my palm anyhow…!!! Strange isn’t it??
Its tough to accept this transformation which life brings when it pulls you on the cross road where you hate to be leaving behind the embellished castle of innocence which can’t be displaced by any happiness of the globe..and creating a new world of your own with a designated identity of yours in feels as if a perfect movie of my fascinating dreams was going on and suddenly I came to know that it was really a illusion the bubble of which whilst being true bursts at its can’t hold onto this bubble for your entire life..its like a protective cover for the cocoon but the fact is that your life isn’t successful until you become a butterfly …to haunt around the sky with your wings let the cool breeze kiss every bit of yours and sketch your life’s destiny on the most enlarged canvas of the world which is the blue ocean of white cushions right above my head!
You know you can’t predict at all what life has planned for don’t know whether you’ll be adored by people in the most beautiful garden or just caught by the bird catcher crushing your identity…even the one who is most lovable whose name was always on the top of your call logs can become a mere phone contact and the one whom you never expected to be a part of your life can become a stunning diamond to your crown..!! All you can do is absorb the changes life serves to you because it has dreamt to make you what you can’t ever dream of!! Just keep moving on exploring life’s treasures and sprinkling your attractive charm all around and it will keep cuddled in its warmth!!


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