Dear people, stop running behind PS and try your hand on the game of life!🎲

As any other time I’m sitting awake to achieve my target and get it done. But you know today in this echoing silence of night the clicks of the clock are sounding like the clunks of the minute hand walking over the circular ramp which are ruling my brain jolting my aplomb! The question is, do I really know why am I awake? Am I awake to complete my assignment or to maintain my so called image or to satisfy the society or to satisfy myself? Any answer? The most simplest and sorry to say dumb answer which comes up is that all of us are struggling every single second of our lives to be successful! But I don’t agree to it!

Success is the bird which moves about the clouds boisterously slapping off the air with its robust tiny wings!

The bird might seem to be quite feeble to the worldly eyes but it has the discretion to give birth to its young ones on any cloud which is far beyond human imagination which just clings to the pink papers featuring Bapu!

The slew difference is that the bird doesn’t lives or flies to the greatest heights to get its name in the Guinness book but just to stay happy and feed its soul! Then what’s wrong with us?
Believe me half of the problems are just illusionary! The human brain pens wonders as well as disasters! Its all on us for what purpose we get it discounted!

Somewhere in the kettle of fish we have forgotten that after all its nothing but a game! Someone has to win and someone has to even kiss the sour bronze! Now its on us whether we just get into the enigma to emulate the bronze to the gold or add our diamond of happiness to it and make it worth admiring! The day you accept this game and learn to play it your own way, you’ll yourself mop off all the miseries and grievances!

Your life is a compass to measure the angle of your smile and not a scale to measure the load of your cheerless honey bottles!

Stop running behind the new versions of PlayStations and peep into your bag. You’ll get the most amazing and rattling game! You can write your own rules for it and you can be the hero of it at the same time!

Running behind success is an awful idea because then you are merely slaving yourself by being the pawn of someone else’s chess board! If you really want to dance over the clock clicks at the dead of night then you can definitely go ahead but remember that you are the king of your chess board!

The child in you is on ventilator today! Let him breathe because only he knows to play games. The day he dies you’ll be left only with your mature degrees which has no use in this game!

To cross over the bridge of difficulties and to reach out to the treasure you’ll have to learn the intricacies of this game and you’ll see yourself crowned with gold!


I wish I had a pause button!βͺ⏸⏩

People all around the world consider that the destructive world wars are the most demolishing human acts but I probably don’t agree with it. In the race of life today I feel that may be in the desire to achieve my targets and stand crowned on the on the hill’s nose I’ve lost the most harum-scarum and nonchalant piece of my heart.
It is the situation when I’m merely running every second but if I stop for a second to introspect I genuinely don’t know the end line, I even don’t know whether I belong to this race or not?..

Then why am I struggling for something which won’t frame my life with the deepest lip curve rather the aftermath would be a volcanic eruption with my heart and soul getting vandalized in the form if lava! That fervent and blistering lava symbolizes the frustration, rage, enmity and the umpteenth thoughts I’m giving birth every second!
Just for once stop your running feet and your heart’s tape recorder, give rest to your thoughts which have become so deep and continuous that they are eating a part of your soul every now and then. Just for once pause to feel your heart dancing, pause to know yourself, pause to decipher the ravishing art of your soul!

Remove the masquerade of happiness which you’ve been carrying to blandish the world and just for once pause to please yourself. We often make excuses that we are stuck in the mundane chores but the reality is we aren’t! Because we are busy perplexing ourselves. Pause for once and ask yourself when was the last time that your cheeks ached when you burst out laughing..if you don’t remember there’s something definitely wrong! The one thing for which everyone is working on this earth, ‘happiness’ if you don’t remember about that you are seriously stuck in the kettle of fish! What is the use of running in the life if you yourself are it’s Murderers!
Pause for once to catch a glimpse of the most soothing sunrise, let the first ray calm your soul and kiss it with all the affection! Pause for once to feel the pain of the clouds which comes down in the form of silver pearls…release your pain the same way because carrying it for long will just nauseate you, pause for once to adore the birds chirping amorously…to soar up high in the sky your wings should be strong and sturdy and this is possible only if you let the wings breathe in the open air, STOP CAGGING THEM! Don’t bind them with the world’s notions.

You aren’t suppose to fly the same way and in the same direction as prescribed by the world because not every star has the same gleam!

Just for once stand under the open sky and let your soul bounce over the white cotton candies above! If in doing so you miss your targets so please don’t worry because what matters at the end is a peaceful sleep!

When you look at a photograph and the smile caged in it, life takes a hold for a second and you relive that happiness. This obviously shows that there’s nothing wrong in pausing and retrospecting!

We believe that to be successful life has to be gone through over the red carpet of thorns but I think what matters is your smile and if it comes in being easy, there’s nothing wrong with it!

Oh! I want that lolly…!🍭

​Have you ever been in a situation when the most alluring thing of your life is too close yet its beyond the horizon to achieve ??!!
It happens seldom that the situation is so whimsical that the brain gives up on chanting and we continuously keep on pinging it because the infinite butterflies in the stomach are having a tussle going on among them! 

We try to solve this jigsaw puzzle and put the pieces together in order to satiate our excitement in life but unfortunately the shackles of dos and don’ts preclude us from doing so!! It becomes disappointing at instances but then I feel that getting the thirst quenched every time whenever we have a lust for it will trim down its worth!
Childhood was just so uncomplicated! Whenever our dewy-eyed sight caught the lollies we used to immediately get it but now its not that cushy! Many times even after planning everything things might not go our way, its like even if you’ve erected the most splendiferous sand castle at the beach of your life, it might shatter off at the next second if the waves come to hug! 

Be it a child or an adult but for a moment definitely the heart feels collapsed when the lolly or the most enticing thing in life moves away! It feels that you are standing at the shop of happiness and the chocolate is right in front of you but you don’t have the pennies to get it!! Alas!!
Don’t be disheartened! It rains every year and your farms will definitely grow green, its never the last time! The titan sun moves down the silver line daily giving up on its identity for the ocean and comes up again the next morning to make the ocean a crystalline glass for the world to reflect in!

Don’t loose your hope because the waves always don’t come to demolish your castle! Someday they will even bring the starfish with it to crown your castle!! 

Till then keep the excitement up! And develop the most dainty blooms in your stomach for the butterflies to buzz around! After all they are responsible for the adrenaline gush every time!!


That’s life!!



Life’s leaking- time for renovation!!

Many times I reckon what the life’s race has transmuted in me…my attitude and my perspectives! But today the kink is a bit whimsical. I can’t curb the world or prevent it from me but I can definitely surpass myself! Then why do I allow myself to commit such sinful deeds which at the end of the day leave me scattered into sherds, looking into which I tend to hate my true self!!
This is definitely not me!! A girl who is so cocksure and surefooted, who believes in perceiving the talent to change the elevation of the entire world, why does she gets vagarious at instances that the sensible sand slides off the fist!! Ruining her relations, her image and her life’s frame.
Sometimes genuinely we don’t have a dark heart but willingly or unwillingly our impulsive actions prove to be fatal which is enough to vandalize our entire victories throughout! 
This disappointment pricks my heart when the nail I’ve used, pierces the soul of my loved ones! It hurts more when I’m feeling guilty even to face myself and the guilt then rolls down the chin drop by drop!
Eventually I covet to get back that one moment when my senses went off duty…that one moment which was so devastating that it left all the guffaws and charming smiles of the day collected behind in the race and won the race, becoming the misery king!!
It feels that patiently with a bucket full of determination I was constructing my castle of cards and suddenly I don’t know which negative thought came for a sojourn to me and I smacked off the castle just when I was about to nail my flag on the top!!
In life many times the index finger showers plentiful allegations at the world. Its time to give a 180Β° rotation to that finger. Before digging up the loopholes in the world its important to polish our own furniture .

We shouldn’t get so diligent to pluck the weeds of other’s garden that our own garden turns out to be a graveyard, where we’ll be the first one’s to lie down!!
Earth rotates a complete circle everyday and brings us back on the starting point daily so that we can make up our own races triple-crowned learning from the past hurdles. Its time to bring some changes in our construction. It is demanding for renovation as the walls now have become humdrum and desiccated! Its leaking all around of grievances.
Let’s pick up the paint bucket, dowse the brush of hope in it and colour the walls with the bewitching smiles again. It won’t be a hands-down task as the paint will take time to dry up but at the end you will find your life loitering about vibrantly!!

The renovation will take time as you will get only one labour to get the work done- YOU!!

    Sometimes you need to keep the wounds open, to get it cured till the deepest chasm!πŸπŸ‚

    You know the journey of life is the most complex and enigmatic game if one wishes to embark thrilling adventures with a tinge of success added to it. 
    Every time before we begin to play some video game we tend to look into the rules  and set strategies to make it out till the end but its not that easy right? Merely mugging up the theoretical part does not elucidate all the perplexities which we might undergo because as we move ahead in the game there will come many obstacles about which we won’t be knowing the trick to cross over. Then how can we reckon that we will easily cross over the life’s game with the mind set with which we have begun?
    Similarly life presents us with many ambiguous surprises regarding which we would have had no hunch, it may seem as a cherry but can even be a chilly garnished exquisitely to your life’s cake!

    Then what? After licking the chilly will you stop and give up all the desires about which you have been fantasizing since ever! NO DEFINITELY NEVER!! 

    It was our wish to raise the red flag, get the trigger off and start over the journey and therefore no damn devil should have the audacity to defeat us! Even if it perceives all the strength to bring you down and crush you till the finest remnants, show them that you’ve not brought up your black ace yet! Show them that you behold the skill to carve the most dainty masterpiece with the remnants presented to you.
    We humans are considered the most sensible creations because we have the will to play with every impossible thing cleverly and beat them off in their own game! 
    What makes us do this? Our wounds!

    We suppose that always acting smart and to explicit the cheered part of ours will keep us focused on our track but its not true. Doctors prescribe to keep the wounds open for a while because rather than using any antiseptic, time can cure it better!
    Don’t pile up your emotions, let them go off…they are defined by us! Don’t give them the supreme authority to play with your life because for you anything which obstructs you in achieving the goal is a hurdle…be it your emotions!
    Storing water above the limit in a dam  is not possible as after the point of tension the entire dam will burst off giving a way for the water to flow….Don’t allow this situation to come for your wounds! 

    Keep them open and don’t allow them to get nauseated in your heart or else one day the outburst will be so devastating that it will wreck your soul into tiny stars, leaving your sky gloomy as a reflection of your dejected soul!
    Your scars may seem to be an evil spirit hovering over your life because they continuously trap your soul leaving it desolated! Make them your greatest possessions because they will always cement your soul to face all probs….even the moon has some scars on it but every night it comes up gleaming in the night sky to spread its eternal love for the stars, sprinkling the globe with the stardust!

    Your scars are your greatest treasures because we see people having an argufy for the legacy but no one will ever come to snatch away your scars, they will always be an artful artefact in your gallery! Bring them out before they get demonetized!

    Your scars aren’t a mark on your soul, rather they are an eraser for your heart to cleanse your soul from the fear of getting scarred again! Kiss them and embrace them…they beautify you!   



    Hundreds of blossoms in the garden yet my heart falls for the one tulip!🌷

    ​Sometimes I think how strange is it, at one end all this social networking thing says that it is effacing all the differences due to geographical boundaries between people and on the other end people are committing suicide due to seclusion. On the present day we have a long list of  Facebook friends…a long queue of Instagram followers but at 3 A.M when you are alone having a battle with your inner voices when actually you need someone to discover a blazing sparkle out of the dark, gloomy and dejecting dungeon whom do you have? Why what’s the problem dear? In the evening itself you were bragging about your long list of fb friends!! Where did they go??




    In class one it was taught that earth is round, may be we have taken it quite seriously as today our world is just barred in a small circle! We don’t wish to step out in the sun and explore real things rather we are happy today in the virtual world where everything seems to be quite glamorous and doting!

    Seeing the world something knocks my brain…am I different because I don’t prefer living life the way they do because they savour taking pictures with the entire garden and I simply desire to wonder about the enchanting beauty of my tulip? Will this attitude of being genuine and speaking real leave me alone in the desert under the scorched sun having a view of the world relishing at the mirage which although is illusive still pleasurable for an ephemeral.
    I know that I’m different because I encompass the ability to carve my future. I know what I’m meant to be and what is my contribution towards the world meant to be! 

    I don’t understand why people are getting  virtual with the virtual technology around them. They post long messages for Mother’s day but how many actually even go and embrace their mothers? It has become our attitude to flatter around just for the sake of the praises which we get . In reality those extolments are hollow and don’t hold any effectuality. 

    Gradually we get trapped in this trench and start pondering to adorn this virtual world of ours! I’m happy that I don’t comprehend so many people in my world! I’m happy that my garden has a few flowers!. At least those are real and I value them because they embellish my small garden of life. 

    Although I cherish that I have many flowers in my garden which give me a picturesque serene view still when I wish to spend some time talking to the flowers about my story, my feet automatically leads to the small bunch of tulips in the corner of the garden.

     This is because when I’m with them I’m real. Every petal of that tulip is a colourful pallet of my heart which reads my dreams and aspirations! 

    Those tulips of our life add a ribbon of meaning to it. Although they are less in number but still enough to drench our desiccated soul. 

    When you put your hands in the river trying to discover the pearls 

    ….only some get the gleam of the Pearl’s shine while others just end up with infinite white marbles!!
    Those marbles although seem charming today but they may even hit your head one day, gifting you with a beautiful red bump but that single pearl is enough to glisten your life….Those number of flowers although deliver a magical spell but in the autumn of your life you will only have the tulips! 

    Wake up before the autumn makes it’s entry! Go and fetch some florid tulip seeds and sow them in your garden or else you will be left with a barren land full of thorny bushes!


    Ahh!! The first rain…🌧🌫

    ​It was a tiring day  full of bewildered fall outs…some were merrymaking …some disappointing …some enchanting …some explorable…some factual and some feasible.
    I just wanted to switch the lights off , draw my white sheet,  get snuggled in it and  doze off boarding my day’s flight to my captivating fantasy dreamland….and then something happened which rubbed off all my forehead strains and sketched a masterpiece on my soul of a new hope and exuberated it to find exhilaration in the torment which my body was enduring, which was so agonizing like I felt my body being dowsed in stifling and boiling water. 

    Do you know what it was? Oh dear! I’m talking about the first rain…today the sky released all the stress and load which it was carrying since long and which had even brought dark circles to the bellied clouds…it cried off today so cheerily that the nature also evinced its exult…the leaves danced on the melodious tip-tip, which was no less than a miniature of a peacock in the soothing rain!


    The flowers glistened when they put on their dew diamond earrings. I noticed a bizarre that even rain plays boisterously when it slides down the Asoka leaf…the chirping of birds also had some extra honeyed effect which reeked of their season to live and let live!. Which was the alarm for their eternal love to begin with every heart being embroiled in this deep love chasm!
    Today mother earth had her own trance when she kissed the rain which was the soggy love letter by her amicable lover, the king of sky…CLOUDS! The angelic rain is the reason for keeping their affection alive till today which shows the effectuality of long distance relationships being fruitful.

    The rain seduced the earth and then the aroma of the misty mud was above any branded perfume! That fragrance carries the message of love to every heart yearning for it, quenching it’s thirst.



    The sun is facilitated today as the sky has served it with the most refreshing drink! 

    The sky pulled off its dark visage and had put on the seven striped clip on its head. Now its the time to get paper boats back to work.


    Adoring this magical hypnotizing spell of the rain here I’m taking heed to the most placating music of the nature, the drizzles, sitting on the waterlogged grass blades and inditing about its serene beauty!



    In the desire to catch the moon, many stars were left behind!πŸ’«

    ​Every single entity in the present cosmos has some or the other plans made up, in which they anticipate to design their future. Wow! Isn’t it?? We are so well organized now…Everything is planned beforehand. Best qualification! Best colleges! Best packages! Best working city…..and what about the relations which were dropped cavalierly in beating all these notches…what about the bonds which were once encompassed with the promise to always behold?
    Today when we are running frantically, it has become inevitable to stop and excogitate the value of the pearls which are going to be awarded (fortunately)  at the cost of treasured diamonds which dropped off our pockets due to the overload of new artificial artefacts somewhere on the race track …
    In the race to fetch the moon and entangle it to the bun why are we not considering the value of the numerous stars sheening on every single hair strand which we have sacrificed??


    There was a time when two cousins were inseparable…the only argufy which could intervene was whether to watch Cinderella or Snow white….There was a time when two friends had so much love snuggled in that the little hands even had the venturous strength to slam any wild storm which dared to surround the other! They cried when the other took off the tiffin and ate it but still made it up till the next period…

    The absence of one was like sound waves passing through vacuum…a complete void!. Even if they always teased one another but they comprehended a spirit to cheer themselves at the end…

    But now the irony is that the posts of “BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER” are seen only in Facebook tags!

    There has come a 360Β° revolution where we have become so fanatic to get the moon that we have no single thought about the gleaming stars which once hung down the earlobes entwined in the strings of innocence… Just think what will the moon mean if won’t have anyone by your side to admire its magical spell.What is the use if you aren’t having anyone to narrate your success stories and raising the toast with…with whom will you clink your glass of Champagne???
    There was a time when katti could be mend with dosti but my dear it’s not that easy now…its not easy as ABC but its as tough as KBC !! Haha!! Now its like once a difference comes up it will polish off everything…don’t allow it to germinate from any seedling of your garden or else all the budding saplings would be muffed! 
    Now relations have become like a flower which is definitely picturesque from a distance but has no nectar for the butterfly to buzz around and suck…that butterfly symbolizes the love and comfort which once existed transmuted now into formality…Just think what is the difference left between personal and professional life because we have formalized everything, everywhere!
    BUT above all trust me there is still a chance to catch your train at the next station. Go and haunt around for your stars they are on the very place you left them…just hold them once and you will experience your sheeny eyes which will then enhance the enchanting countenance of your moon.


        In times of hardships when there will be no moon on the new moon day, the stars will still be there to cheer up and maintain the decorum of your black sea! Value them..



    Dominant glamorous lust!

     I think its the human greed and our tendency to be never satiated with what life pours in our basket! We still look at the hive with resentful and ungratified eyes for the honey that due to some mismatch of the stars didn’t fall in our bucket!!

    We make calculations to achieve targets but while running in the race we forget why did we start and then just are left with the title of  being the most specialized species on this earth! HOMO SAPIENS...If I take my case into consideration and introspect then I realize that its just the blow which clings to me with time to prove my eminent existence which condenses me according to the world expectations (which is illusive and cloddish)… Continuing this we seldom forget what we actually desire for and turn out to weave a complete different story which the world appreciates but may or may not contend our own call for life..we frown to be worthy at heart because our own story keeps pace just by seeing the glamour around and not the happiness which we desire for in the tiniest speck…!!!

    Its important for the autumn to enroll to have a scenic nature when spring comes…even though it isn’t liked and admired, it maintains the effectual gleam similarly its important for us to keep up our stand for life if its genuinely worth…let the world then growl at the loudest!!πŸ˜‚


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