Drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

The world today is getting drowned in malicious nightmare, which is englutting human lives. This nightmare which chokes life is called drug addiction. Drug addiction is a disease that affects a person’s brain and behaviour and leads to an inability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug or medication. Substances like marijuana, nicotine also are considered drugs. When you’re addicted, you may continue using the drug despite the harm it causes.

Its really shocking that many times teens get involved in this quagmire just because they feel its “very cool”; not realising the fact that it can cost their lives. It often starts as a recreation in social situations and gradually becomes frequent. For others it begins with exposure to prescribed medication.
People get an addiction of using balm and pills of certain types regularly.

Now the big question is that why do people actually get addicted to drugs?
In today’s race everyone aspires to achieve their goals and eventually they get so much engrossed in this race that they need something to rely on to get some temporary peace of mind. And what does this for them? Drug abuse and illicit trafficking!

We need to be realistic in analysing the source on which we are relying because this peace through drugs is a slow poison which acts in taking away the future peace forever!

As time passes drug addicts need larger doses of the drug to get high. Then it becomes increasingly difficult to go without the drug. Attempts to stop drug abuse may cause intense cravings and make you feel physically ill.

Its a serious threat as it acts like a termite to the generation. Generally people don’t wish talking to their kids or publicly about drugs or its trafficking because they feel its quite underrated! If people start discussing this and try finding the ways to abolish it completely, drug addiction won’t last anymore.
The society needs to talk about it, educate the ignorant and help the people struggling with it. Listen to the children when they talk about peer pressure patiently instead of lambasting them to do well. Many times parents get to know that their child is an addict when its quite late. For this its really important to know the symptoms, precautions and ways to get cured.

The symptoms are having a constant craving, doing risky things when you are under the drug influence, lack of energy and motivation, weight loss or gain, red eyes, change in behaviour, money issues, sense of euphoria, high blood pressure, vomiting, dry mouth and lack of interest in food, clothing and in all life!

There are various peculiar symptoms which may not be traced several times. We need to work together to educate ourselves regarding the same. Drug addicts should not be looked at as a disgrace because they need allot of care, concern and affection to come out of this web.

If drug use is dictating you, get help! The sooner you seek help the greater are your chances for a long term recovery. Talk with your primary doctor or see a mental health professional, such as a doctor who specialises in addiction psychiatry or a licensed alcohol and drug counsellor. There are various rehabilitation centres set up to help such people. If you are a drug addict, you need not feel guilty or pity about yourself at all! Believe me.
Just the fact that you’ve realised that you’re doing something wrong and you actually wish to give up on that is commendable. This shows that you worry about your well-being and also of your family’s. Just some control and you’ll be all fine and happy like others.

Now even if people stop using drugs, still if its trade continues in the market, they’ll incline towards it sooner or later. Drug trafficking is an illegal trade that involves trading, cultivation, dissemination and sale of drugs which is prohibited according to basic laws. For this its crucial to abandon drug traffickers and its trafficking.
This can be done by legalizing several drugs ‘watchfully’.
Adding more law enforcement officers.

Educating the society against this trafficking. Various campaigns like ‘ Just Say No’ and D.A.R.E are working successfully for the same.
Offering counselling, therapy services.


The 2018 theme is- “LISTEN FIRST- LISTENING TO CHILDREN ANS YOUTH IS THE FIRST STEP TO HELP THEM GROW HEALTHY AND SAFE”. This day is a key plank in the United Nations’ war against drugs. The main agenda is towards the betterment of people suffering from drug abuse and sue the traffickers.

So come on lets smash off drugs from our society. Let’s not rely on this temporary, venomous and disguised happiness named drugs and move towards the true happiness and humanity. The world ardently needs this.

It's just about me.

Life happened.

Is it really difficult to understand this story of one’s existence?
May be yes but once it is realised that its a story, it really isn’t.
Its just an inexplicable emotion to realise that all of it is written! Everything which is going on, not just around me but even within me is written and fixed. Its often said that certain people and things just don’t matter in one’s life but literally it does.
May be its just me who is real. Real not in terms of character but in terms of true and factual existence! May be whatever is going on in this world is just illusionary; just to make contributions in my story. People are succeeding, failing, falling in love, falling out of it, committing crimes, setting records, crying, laughing and doing all sorts of ginormous and weensy things to contribute in my life! Distance doesn’t matter. The person sitting next to me is a supporting actor and so is the person sitting in the farthest nations!
May be history doesn’t even exists. Those may be concoctions to help me channelise my energy and actions by getting inspired! May be future is just another illusionary word.
May be the most outrageous and malicious thing named death is the most enchanting experience. May be this life which I’m living today is just a trailer to the actual movie after death!
But something’s still wrong. If all of this is illusionary then what is stopping me?
What is it that I’m holding back? If I’m the protagonist then why am I allowing the supporting characters to take over my show?
How unrealistic my efforts are!
The reason is that may be I’m trying to make all these illusions around me real. And in this futile haphazard my real existence is going in vain. How can I do this?
Its my life. A story which can be written just once. Which can be felt just once.
Its a story which I may not be able to review once the ink is over. May be I’m trying to write a novel but my pen holds just some more ink for a small snippet.
Then what? Let’s just live this moment to the brim and squeeze every emotion out of it. It’s not over yet.
Firmly hold your pen to continue and let life happen so that when you put the last full stop, you’re contended.

Spare yourself for awhile.

When even sleep betrays, its time for self encounter.😪

Have you ever been in this state of extreme agony in your heart when every single thing around you just seems sombre and mundane? When you don’t know the exact reason behind this heaviness which is making it even more tougher every second to breathe. When you wish to cry but there are no tears crossing by your eye lashes. This is because the exquisite and picturesque farmland of your heart has turned into a barren desert, where getting a hold on your own self again in just a mirage?!

The most toughest moment in life isn’t when you loose or when you are struggling alone on the crossroads starving for love, concern and direction, rather its when you are probably walking on the road of your choice or may be the road which you had to choose because of the delicacy of the past situations and you are no more enthralled with it!
You are no more jiggered with the bird’s chirping or the squirrel’s hovering about on the trees while walking on that road. You no more find peace in the melody of the air which tries to seduce you.
Its when you’re trying hard to smile but you feel that the lip curve is no more pleasing. You just lie on your bed, trying to have some rest and to escape from the world for a while but you do everything instead of sleeping! Trying to decrypt the reason behind this heaviness you end up getting lost in the rotation of the fan blades.
Sleep is something which gives a placid state of mind, to weave all the fantasies in your dreamland. It’s a temporary pause to the race. But many times we don’t get that peace. We sleep just to avoid that situation for sometime and not to fetch some serenity. You might notice that on many days you wake up feeling helpless with the same thought which you had had before counting the z’s and on the others you wake up satisfied and spirited. Ready for a fresh start!

What is it which holds back someone to be happy and not being able to sketch one’s state verbally?
Lack of introspection!
People do everything but just forget to understand themselves, their interests, dislikes, personality and fear. And sadly when they encounter such things in life it just takes away their slumber. Leaving the person to struggle alone at night.
It’s really remorseful to know that you actually don’t know about yourself, still you’re living with such an unknown person 24×7!
So, its time to be friends with this unknown fellow and believe me you’ll end up falling in love.

The night seems dark and venomous but believe me nothing is more friendly than that enlarged black bedsheet embellished with silver pearls which beckons you to cuddle under and sleep!

So hey! Please sleep(Peacefully).

Witnessing true phases of life.

Taste of failure!

Have you ever witnessed failure in any of your endeavours?
Failure doesn’t always mean getting a nadir result out of something; you can also equate it with not getting something which you expected out of life. It can be a feeling of being left behind with the world stamping over the pedestal. It can be an adverse feeling of a groaning heart, tormented and punctured with the grief of failed relationships.

How does it feel?

Damn excruciating. Right?
For a moment it feels as if its the end of the world. End of your dreams!
Somewhere deep inside we understand that its just an ephemeral. Our well-wishers say the same thing. That the wound shall be fine after some time but still there’s a tussle going on deep within. After all who likes failing? Who likes to be thrown away on the road from the castle of his dreams?

The heaviest emotion which becomes nauseating is facing yourself!
How can I fail?
Its really bitter. I’ve never tasted it in my entire life. How can I digest the vision of settling with anything less and my colleagues in better positions.

Its a state where even the tears can’t soothe the puny state. It feels helpless , where I wish just one thing to be out of this hard knocked dream. But alas its reality!

I pondered that sitting this way won’t make sense in any way.
Yeah right!
But then what? I do not see any door out there for escaping from this gloominess.
The best solution is not running from this sombre dungeon but lightening this up.

I look at life as a constellation, with stars dissipated all around. Sketch lines between them and you’ll get your vision.
If any star is away from the group, it doesn’t mean that the vision of your constellation has become penurious in any way because we know that each and every star makes sense in the constellation. It won’t if you drop that out!

Ergo, though it feels hapless being encircled by failure but in future when you shall look back, you may be able to connect all the dots. Even if it seems just impossible now but the future shall make it happen.

Secondly, its important to understand that everything which is happening has a reason. Every scene is equally important for the movie. You won’t be able to relish the sweetness of life until and unless you have gone through the bitter phase. Failing in an event is not failing in life.

Hence, I always believe that,

I may open many wrong doors before reaching the right one; but mind it I’m just collecting experiences for my success speech!


Only you can find your way out of the crowd.

The raucous silence!

I wanted seclusion from the crowd..
Didn’t know would end up secluding from my smile of which I was so proud.

The old days had their own charismatic innocence ..
Life seemed to be an exquisute garden as there wasn’t any reason to be tense.

I’ve moved from one room to another to find my destination..
People here are mechanical robots all working with inhuman sensation.

Childhood encountered happiness at every instance..
Today life is comforting but only when seen with an obscure lense.

This silence is deafening my tranquiled soul..
There is paltry laughter and that too isn’t expressed rather it’s just written as lol!

My heart is trying to keep pace with the running time..
In this silence; the beats of the heart and the ticks of the clock are trying to rhyme.

Will my morning be blithesome?..
Or the disparity will torture even the sun and force it to be mum.

How ironical it is..
When the placid air and the billowing heart have a kiss.

This silence was a chivalric guest who came on lease..
Didn’t know its a criminal who would theft away my peace.

Yes I know what I expect my life to look like..
But please, ask this silence to be silent and give away the mike.

The competition all aroud is just illusionary. I know believing this is hard..
But understand it now or else just regret lying in the graveyard.

In the commotion of the crowd the voice of my heart is just bleak..
Albeit I know the language its yelling in, which is definitely neither latin nor greek.

Its high time now when I have to search for my misplaced pieces..
Or else the end of my movie is definite even before the recess.

I know I won’t let it happen. The voice of this crowd will be louder than my heart just for once in history..

Its when I’ll be there on the top and the crowd will cheer me for my victory!


Decipher the perfect beam in your imperfection.

Imperfection is Perfection. (Collaboration)

Sketching one’s heart verbally is the most beautiful thing, where nothing can be touched yet every emotion pierces the heart; and what better than sharing your musings with another bonnie writer cum blogger.

So this a collaborated work of mine with Meher Gandhi~ thescribblingssite.wordpress.com
We’ve worked together on two write ups- ” Imperfection is Perfection” & “Bottled emotions do no good” each published on either sites.
Please do check “Bottled emotions do no good” as well.


Imperfection is Perfection- by Charul Chandak and Meher Gandhi.

Every single moment of our lives we are travelling on our scooters, rushing haphazardly to achieve our targets. Well, it’s great! But what’s the motive behind this race? Before kick-starting our scooters, did we give a thought to why we want our lives to be framed with our plans?! The simplest answer which anyone would give is that he/she wants to make his/her life perfect! But what do you mean by having a perfect life? Don’t you think that perfection is just a myth? Because then the people who are successful according to you would have stopped working now that they have a perfect life. But have they stopped it all? Definitely not! Rather they are still working to make their imperfection their unique identity!

Perfection is overrated. But, that doesn’t mean that diligence and hard work go in vain. It’s important to understand that even after putting all of the efforts, one might not get the ‘perfect’ result. However, this should not force the person to overlook the ‘great’ result. Everybody has different definitions for ‘perfection’ which ultimately proves that there is no such universal thing as ‘perfect’. You might think something to be perfect which isn’t even close to being great for somebody else. Ever heard of the quote “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” by Vince Lombardi? One must strive to be seemingly ‘perfect’ so that excellence can be attained. In this race where everybody is trying to get to the foggy perfection, try taking another route which assures you of the clear excellence.

We define perfection on the basis of what others have in their baskets and the irony of life is that even they do the same!
Have you ever seen a painting of Picasso? It’s a complete messy imperfection in the form of a charismatic art. Albeit when someone looks at it, the painting seems to be a perfect epitome of perfection. Strange isn’t it?! Well what makes it so?

Our vision. Our intellect.

Great things exist because they are perfect in their own identities. Be it failure or success! That’s the reason why you are deplorable when you’re sad and extremely exuberant when happy. How perfect these traits are in themselves! The kind of emotion you hold in both the situations is poles apart and that makes them perfect! What makes you like one of them is that certain kind of emotion doesn’t fit in your definition of perfection but, that doesn’t mean at all that you aren’t perfect because gloominess in itself is perfect emotion of its kind.

So stop trying to seek perfection when you know that perfection has a vague definition. Do your best and put your best of efforts in the task but, do not stress over not reaching whatever perfect is. Be happy. Smile because you are unbeatable when you’re happy and when you’re trying to make others around you happy. So be yourself. You are own version of perfect.

When the heart is numb yet speaks volumes!

When the thoughts go on a strike!

Infinite emotions but no words to explicit..
Ear-splitting hurricane of thoughts sicken my nerves..
Now even goose bumps aren’t an ephemeral..
The hairs are always standing through out the creamed island of this lonesome girl..
I want to blow-up but will it make sense?
I want to speak but will someone hear?

The biggest irony is that I’m not able to frame the words even to convince myself and then I see myself whining under the streetlight on the road laid down with the shards of my past and future because there’s light all around and just despondence within!I’m getting lost in the shadows of my soul! The tears seem ginormous. My eyes can’t hold onto their weight anymore.
The present seems like a monster englutting my life and piercing it with its chisel-like malicious nails…
Alas! there’s no antibiotic discovered yet which would nullify the effect!

I don’t feel my breath anymore as I don’t feel its the same heart pumping it!

I’m looking for a torch to lighten up this sombre cave..
I’m looking for that spark which would clear my ambiguous vision so that I might trace the way for my feet..

I know I’m the torch bearer of my life…but either I’ll end up burning my colourful dreams with the glowing charcoals to seem less ashes, “OR” I’ll be the one directing the world out of this gloom to marry their true selves!

I know I’ll pick the second option! For me, I have to!