When the heart is numb yet speaks volumes!

When the thoughts go on a strike!

Infinite emotions but no words to explicit..
Ear-splitting hurricane of thoughts sicken my nerves..
Now even goose bumps aren’t an ephemeral..
The hairs are always standing through out the creamed island of this lonesome girl..
I want to blow-up but will it make sense?
I want to speak but will someone hear?

The biggest irony is that I’m not able to frame the words even to convince myself and then I see myself whining under the streetlight on the road laid down with the shards of my past and future because there’s light all around and just despondence within!I’m getting lost in the shadows of my soul! The tears seem ginormous. My eyes can’t hold onto their weight anymore.
The present seems like a monster englutting my life and piercing it with its chisel-like malicious nails…
Alas! there’s no antibiotic discovered yet which would nullify the effect!

I don’t feel my breath anymore as I don’t feel its the same heart pumping it!

I’m looking for a torch to lighten up this sombre cave..
I’m looking for that spark which would clear my ambiguous vision so that I might trace the way for my feet..

I know I’m the torch bearer of my life…but either I’ll end up burning my colourful dreams with the glowing charcoals to seem less ashes, “OR” I’ll be the one directing the world out of this gloom to marry their true selves!

I know I’ll pick the second option! For me, I have to!


Let's welcome 2018 with open arms!

So are you ready for the new chapter- “2018”?📆

12 months , 52 weeks, 366 days and 31536000 seconds…..seems a long voyage . Isn’t it?? Im feeling as if I winked and this duration just got lapsed on the spur of a second. If I sit to count all the endeavours I encountered this year , there are ‘n’ number of experiences . Some which I wanted to achieve desperately ,some which I had always dreamt of , some which I never assumed in my wildest dreams that I would ever come across and it will have such an impactful collision with me! But now if I analyze my craving for the things which I had on the first day of 2017 , those actually don’t carry that esteemed importance to me now. People always tend to bind themselves with a few achievements and desires and feel that they will be contended in their lives after that. I’ve realized that this is merely a myth. With the flowing time our yearning also lessens and we develop a desire to achieve something else. Well that’s human behavior!! Last year for me was a package of experiences of all sorts. From the day-1 I’ve garnered memories and today those are singing ballad on the brim of my pot! Last year all of us had many haunting moments which we would always cherish as the highlights of any chapter! But as even every diamond has a shadow, we’ve also had some ill-omened days under the dark clouds when we gave upon our spirits several times! We were broken, shattered and in times of wretchedness we lost some leaves of our tree and even discovered some new germinations! With every passing year our hairs are growing too and so is the intelligence melanin in it. We’re lightening the weight of our baskets and we’re picking up some valuables and prerequisites for our journey! Its said that toppers don’t rot their lessons rather they imbibe the topics and relate them at every juncture! Its portentous to learn from the experiences and mould our clay accordingly for being a prodigious potter!

I request every reader going through this to please turn over the pages of your last chapter and revise for once all the important topics which you might need for this chapter! And this year whenever you come across such topic, refurbish your primary education! So tell me what are your plans for this new lesson?

Before beginning the new chapter, let’s turnover over the pages of the last one and get inspired to move our pens and choose the best ink to write a bestseller!

Wishing all my lovely and majestic bloggers A Happy New Year!❤😊


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Its okay to throw away the vase rather than trying to fix it always!🍯💨

Here comes a series of situations which we’ll never wish to be in…broken friendship, broken relationship, broken trust, betrayal..and on and on!

All of these situations forms an eclipse over us with their dark and despaired shadow! How to overcome it? Its like wrenching ourselves to sink in the horrendous pond! Its a spine-chilling and nauseating emotion!!

There are cuddled relationships in life which we always hope and expect to hold on! We implore for their bright fate because for us they are no less than the diamonds to our crowns! Those people rule our hearts and we really plume ourselves even when we are slaved by them because for us everyday with them seems like a fairy-tale and we wish to bind our relation with the wrath of the most amorous blossoms. BUT fortunately or unfortunately situations come in our lives when the entwined knots of these relationships open up! Emotions seem to flow away and fall apart! We try to stitch the torn patches but it seems as if the cloth has become very fine and feeble with time and the patches have widen up!

What should be our stand in such a situation?!

Our life is like a resplendent showcase of artefacts and every showpiece here speaks volumes of our experiences and tie-ups in life! If any vase gets cracked and even after trying to get the pieces together we are not able to mend it then it would be sapient to throw away the vase rather than investing more time and emotions on it!

Those cracks aren’t merely on the vase, rather those are the cracks of your heart as well when your relation headed towards dawn! Compunction and ruefulness peep from these cracks!

It’s high time, throw away this vase before the enchantment of your showcase and other artefacts nullify because of this. Every time you’ll see this vase, you’ll retrospect about the jerk and misunderstanding because of which it fell apart! Even if the most dainty flower is placed in it but what will be seen and asked of are the cracks through which the emotions of your relationship are leaking and subliming!

Now let’s talk something real!

I know its not possible to take such big decisions in life because through this we are designing the lives of many people! The continuous preachings of people and their indulging perspectives preclude us from plucking the fused stars of our sky! We are the heroes of our life and after this event we shall be portrayed as the most mean and egocentric villains!

Now tell me something if any thorn gets into your foot while walking and you just pluck it off with force and throw it then are you self-centered?!

No! Definitely not.

Standing up for oneself is not selfishness…its narcissism and one has the right to love oneself!

It’s really fine to take a stand for oneself because until and unless you throw away the broken vase you’ll not look for any new vase or showpiece for your showcase! There are events when we presume that some artefact is not meritorious to be placed on the first shelf but when the place of the vase becomes vacant after throwing it we might even consider the teeny showpiece to be placed on the first shelf! People whom never considered as a part of our play can even play major supportive roles.

Seasons change and even people do! You need to take a sagacious move accordingly!

You are the owner of our showcase and you have the right to adorn it and adjust it according to your own wish…let not the cracks in any of the amative showpiece become the cracks of despair on your forehead!


Let the young man work today!

So when today becomes tomorrow things will be better? Really?!

Oh God! These exams I tell you!
Every time they knock on the door it seems as if someone is snatching away the gusto packets which I’ve been relishing with my duckie movie!
I don’t want to scratch my pen on the white sheets and let the blue ink soak again and again! I wish these come to an end soon…

Well yeah this was me and I guess all of us would have intimated with this emotion at some point in life!

Isn’t it?!

Believe me its all cool to have such a feeling! Who would like to pinch himself, divorce his beloved slumber and the insouciant fleecy blanket, stay awake with the permanent dark shadows under the eyes, learning the lesson?!

But you know between this ocean of my thoughts I’ve pulled a trout!
All of us are working to make our tomorrow sumptuous and erect a castle of our dreams, with the bricks of our desires and adorn it in the collection of our seven wonders….but for that we don’t wish to bake our bricks, then how is it going to help? Will tomorrow become ever a reality?

Probably it’s difficult? Alas!

Our today is like a young, brisk, nimble and an effusive man who has a heart full of cherished orchids! He wants to embellish his path with these orchids but on the same note he doesn’t wish to pluck these orchids! On the other hand tomorrow is like a wise old man with white tainted beard! Every strand of his beard speaks volumes of his wisdom. This old man has the sagacity to analyse people and things because of the wisdom he has woven as a young lad!
If today you’re being abeyant then probably the old man tomorrow shall be feeble, lying down on the death bed holding resentments for the sins he did to himself!

Its pretty clear that the old man is going to be wise and profound only if the young man today is ready to beat hammers and endure pain! Its a balanced equation: pain=gain!

Exams are a very small exemplum of this pain! Actually I should not call it pain rather it would be better to say that today we are irrigating our field for a productive yield! Timely and proper irrigation is required for the same.

Let’s not grumble and crush of our question paper which life throws at us rather let’s take some pain and prepare for the exams and top with the merit figure!


Life moves on the roads, witnessing springs and autumns!

From spring to autumn!🍁🍃

Nature has turned on its spring button and the Jasmine tree stands with its comrades in the canopy of the forest, adding curls to the hair style of earth….
The trees have been here since long…the leaves have washed themselves with the fizzing sunlight and have slept together under the bed sheet of stars!

Those leaves have dressed to the most unsurpassable and bonny attire and have put on their nose ring chained to the jasmine flower! Looking at their coquettish charm when the air whistles and runs to snuggle it with its arms, the leaves get timid and blush when the air runs its fingers on the deep creases of the leaves!

As the pendulum swings fro and the moon comes up to exhibit its glam on the dark ramp, leaves get little cosy as its time for them to haunt the dreamland!
They put off their jewellery and the jasmines shed down on the road, paving the way for a love couple to cross over and breathe in the beguiling air of love!

How beautiful is this season when every flower in the nature smiles till the earlobes, when the nature seems to be a princess who is beautifying herself for her lover with all the adornments available!

But unfortunately the fate of the princess is not so providential. Her lover kicks the bucket, leaving his princess to survive alone in this lonesome world,
gifting her with a widowed life!

Now comes in the king of dusk. In his aura the sky too becomes pale and lacklustre! The leaves mourn and whine and all its raw beauty casts off.
They get their new costumes of dark colours with creases all around!
The jasmines too leave them alone obviously because they were ushered on the grave of their lover!

It seems as if someone has molested the soul of nature! She still reacts to the whistling of the air but now the leaves don’t blush rather they shed off and break down when the air comes to caress!

Lying there helpless, incapacitated and doleful on the road way, the lifeless pale yellow leaf craves to be irrigated with love and affection of the spring! All its tears have now dried up and its soul has been shattered. The tormenting shriek could be heard in the creaking sound every time a passer by stamps on it! It yearns for its lover to come soon and escort her and place her again at her throne among the disciples, the white jasmines!

Life is a garden which grows every moment from a weensy bud to a mammoth tree which yields fruits and proves to be originative. It indeed witnesses autumn when the barren branches shudder alone at night but the essence to be tasted here is that the first ray of the sun shall even bring flowers with it to embellish the journey again!

The new bud of the spring age had started germinating on the branch as soon as the fragile yellow leaf gave upon its last breath in its autumn age!


Friendship- bejewels life!

Some friends take up the job to be our dictionary for life!🌸

Friendship! The one relation which actually decrypts the beauty of the bonds which are even above blood relations… Don’t you think how that one friend knocked into our lives…why did it happen and what was the reason for us to share a cordial equation? In this journey of life, we come across many travellers, the heart tends to skip a beat whenever it meets another heart with whom it can share its secrets of deep agonies hidden within the deep skin layers! Its the soul which covets and yearns for friendship because every moment it is being pricked, it needs a friend to stay back and hear all the rants!

They pick you up when you are thrown out the life’s train…at the wrong station! A friend is no less than a person who peels off the skin of an onion! STRANGE! How? It is because he\she knows that their heart will be stabbed and the blood will ooze out from their heart as well when they’ll try to be the ointment to someone else’s life still they go on removing the skin layers one by one to reach up to nucleus of the scar and cure it ignoring the tears which will roll down their cheeks. We share every emotion with them. The sweetest..sourest and even the bitterest. Because we know that somewhere they’ll turn the tables of our mental stability! True friendship can’t be weighed on the balances which has the weights of Facebook tags and memes, friendship bands and a taste for F.R.I.E.N.D.S! It is way above than all these delusions and much more heavier. When someone tries to knuckle us and we stand alone being jeered upon that person will be smashed off by our friend even if we had had a world war 3 with him\her just before the slightest speck of sand slumped down the sand clock! I believe every friend you meet is meant to turn the tables! Either they make you or they teach you how the world masquerades! There’s nothing like a good friend or a bad one because the more you are cozened, your inner self gets more beautifully embroidered! But you need to know the next time that even friendship can taste bitter! We share smiles, tears and many conversations and emotions which can’t be brought down to words, the rolling of the eye brows speaks all of it. Our soul gets a mirror to have a glace at the beauty it exhibits, with which even we were unknown! Before befriending anyone else we need to fix an appointment with ourselves to know what are our desires for life and what is it with which we shall suffice our hunger.

Squeeze out the essence of every snuggled relation and you’ll get buckets of honey pouring out with affection and tenderness…let your soul take a gulp of it and taste friendship! Value your friends…they beautify your life’s stage play!


Let you spark breathe!👑

Because if you really have that spark in you, you’ll always try to keep it alive!💫🌟

So how many of you out there are Sandeep Maheshwari fans?
I guess there would rarely be someone who wouldn’t have paid heed to the pristine words of the great orator! I personally try to uphold his every word.
I’m not trying to blandish or flaunt about his work but I’m just trying to sketch your attention towards his hard laboured words!

Yes those are hard laboured!

But even you and I have those thoughts at some point of the day..Right?
Then what makes him special? Have you thought of this?

The simplest answer to this question is that when we come across those rhetoric words we can feel the vibes and the spark which blaze out of his life! His eyes reveal all the secrets even before those come to his tongue to persuade the masses!

I’ve endured this kink very firmly with time that your words matter and become laudable only and only if you genuinely abide by them and your life is also a reflection of the nuggets your tongue spell out!
All of us have counted upon this notion many times that even if your words are articulate to help someone climb the mountain but they won’t be caged in the hearts of people until you yourself have placed the flag of your name on the nose of the mountain!

Today when we have plans made up with us to mould our future accordingly all of us behold that spark to leave permanent imprints in the world reckoning which the world would pronounce our name with respect!

Have you deciphered that spark?

You know that zeal and ebullience I’m talking of is the fuel to keep our dreams alive and give them the wings to fly beyond all borders! That spark is the oxygen for your future to breathe in the air of satiety and not nauseation!

But there is something fishy in this picture. When we are swimming in the revieries of our framed future till then the heart seems to be dancing on the success notes but with time this picture fades away! Obviously it will because its an illusion dear, an air castle of clouds with our dreams stuffed inside!

All the bridges seem collapsing with time as that spark flickers! It happens with all of us. And believe me it’s pretty cool because if you try to open up the loop here you’ll understand that you genuinely know and you are able to make out that somewhere your spark is being succumbed by the worldly air!

Now comes up the main theme…if you genuinely want your future to be visaged as in your dreams you’ll have to protect your spark from blowing off.
We have to fuel up our dreams with determination and dedication so that the explosion is of flowers adorning the path of our life and not vandalising it!

To make the twists of the tongue worthy and profound for every ear in which they fall when your voice box opens up, you’ll have to knit your life perfectly with the spark encaged!